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Mission& Strategy


  • Establishing new direction for higher education and grooming students with international vision and omni-directional talent.


  • A college possessing international prestige and competitiveness.


  • The school motto: Simplicity, Truthfulness, Firmness and Perseverance.
  • The enterprise spirit of responsibility.
  • Insist on innovative thinking.
  • Faculties are the teachers as well as friends to the students.
  • Profound consideration that emphasizes on self-discipline.
  • Grand tolerance and bearing with wide breadth of mind.
  • Continuously insisting on environmental protection consciousness.
  • Selfless feeling of loving the school like own home.
  • Manipulating all the business with humanity as the basic attitude.


  • Pioneering the development of education with the wild-card advantage.
  • Fostering international perspective with teaching in English.
  • Broadening international perspective with junior abroad policy.
  • Realizing the whole-person education in residential college.
  • Inspiring the students to construct the mature intellect.
  • Substantial learning contents from after-school instructions.
  • Multiple cooperation for earning local recognition.
  • Pursuing infinite “Blue Ocean Strategy” with innovative policy.
  • Creating traditions by blending of old and new concepts.
  • Excellent teachers emphasizing the methods of teaching.


  • Team-work consciousness for effective cooperation.
  • True caring originated from close faculty-student relationship.
  • Elaborating the effectiveness of information management.
  • Establishing Total Quality Management.
  • Mission-oriented flexible organization.