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Pedagogical Goals

The overall objective of the College of Global Development is to educate and train students to be concepts emerged globally. Students are encouraged to be innovative and pursuit new business opportunities which are available in a challenging new economic and social environment around the world. As a result, the college offers courses that help students obtaining a wide array of up to date entrepreneurial skills, competencies, and a broad knowledge base. Students are trained to be leaders with extensive perspectives and a vision for the future. The major pedagogical goal for the college is to cultivate entrepreneurship skills and global viewpoints to the students. The College trains students not only to be entrepreneurs but also to be intrapreneurs within an organization. Hence, graduates from the college can start their own business with the global perspective or work within various world-wide organizations as well.


Currently, the college consists of four departments: Department of Innovative Information and Technology, Department of International Tourism Management, Department of Multicultural and Linguistic Studies and Department of Global Political Economy. All five departments provide high-quality, oriented undergraduate education. The college employs modern teaching methods, strives to deliver excellent teaching through committed faculty, overseas exchange programs, field studies, and an open, responsive classroom environment. All courses are taught in English. Students are therefore fully prepared for the globalization trend in the business world.


The College dedicates itself to the following objectives:
1. Provide high-quality, oriented undergraduate education in each individual department with a focus on the development of students' entrepreneurial skills and global mindset;
2. Strive to deliver excellent learning experiences through committed faculties as well as a friendly and responsive classroom environment;
3. Enhance and expand curriculums in order to train students with an understanding of the spirit of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial companies.